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Beetroot thoran

Beetroot thoran is a delicious Keralan side dish with mild spices. The sweetness from the beetroot and the coconut make it ideal to have alongside a spicy curry. I have tried using cooked and raw beetroot and although not the traditional way, I personally prefer using cooked beetroot. This...

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Rice, Pomelo and Vegetable Salad

Pomelo is a delicious fruit which we are seeing more in the shops now. Don’t be put off by the size of it. The skin is very thick and you have to make sure you don’t leave any pith as it is very bitter. The taste is similar to grapefruit but crunchier and slightly drier.   ...

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Sweetcorn and Ginger Curry

I love the sweetness and crunch of fresh sweetcorn and although you don’t often see it in Indian or Thai recipes, this combination of the corn with a good amount of ginger and spices, gives a lovely contrast of textures and flavours. The sweetness of the sweetcorn compliments the...

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