Spicy orzo with crispy chorizo

Orzo is an Italian dried pasta and each piece is the size and shape of an unprocessed grain of barley, which is what “orzo” means in Italian.It has a lovely texture.  It can be boiled like other pastas, or cooked like a risotto. You cook orzo exactly the same as you would cook any...

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Vegan, Vegetables, Vegetarian

Rainbow Roasted Vegetables

Roasting vegetables transforms them – they become so sweet and delicious without losing their colours. They are great as they are as a side vegetable with grilled meats or fish, or can be tossed into pasta, popped onto a pizza base with mozzarella, used with cheese in a panini or simply...

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Fruity Marmalade Cake

This is for all of us who have a part jar or two of marmalade sitting in the cupboard or fridge. It’s quick, it’s tasty, it’s light and perfect to go with a cup of tea with it’s sharp and tangy flavour. You can ring the changes by using all types of marmalade and coarse...

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Chicken, Dinner Party, Salads

Moroccan Chicken B’stilla

Traditionally made with pigeon or quail, Bastille is a lovely combination of spicy, nutty and sweet chicken pie having an unusual filling made with the hot stock and eggs creating a thick sauce, and all encased in crispy filo pastry. A layer of almond sugar adds to the flavour.   

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