Newsletter 2019

Newsletter April 2019

APRIL 2019 Easter is over and the children are all happily back at school after yet another sunny!…. holiday. Our biggest topic of conversation this winter has been the weather, so lets change the subject.  I will now go to my favourite subject – Food! What have I been up to...

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Ginger Cookies

A quick and easy traditional cookie which can be as gingery as you prefer.Perfect for dunking, they freeze well and are perfect with a bowl of ice cream. 

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Gluten-Free, Snack, Vegetarian

Polenta Chips

Polenta is made by grinding corn into flour, or meal.Traditionally in Italy, it is the name of the dish not the actual ingredient.  It is a rich yellow colour, with a slightly sweet flavour and is available in different grades ranging from coarse to fine. It can be cooked to be...

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Honeyed garlic carrots with sweetcorn

Honey, garlic and carrots are a perfect combination with sweet, crisp, and the characteristic pungent, spicy flavour that garlic gives, mellowing and sweetening with cooking, not forgetting the lovely aroma.Carrots don’t need a lot of water otherwise they lose a lot of that lovely flavour...

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Honey-dressed seeded greens salad

A lovely crisp and tasty salad which can be served simply with feta or goats cheese.Green vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, folates, fibre, B-group vitamins and minerals.Not only are they a really important part of your diet but they are versatile and a pleasurable sight on the...

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