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Cakes, Desserts

Cidered Apple and Pear Sauce Cake

Living in Dorset and near to the Devon border, Apple cake is on offer in most tearooms and cafes. There are so many different versions- some with apple on top and some with it folded into the cake. With a wonderful selection of local ciders in Dorset and neighbouring Somerset, I find myself...

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Pork in a Creamy Cider and Leek Sauce

I sometimes find that pork loin steaks can , because of their lack of fat, be a little bit dry and tough. They are delicious sliced thinly in a stroganoff with mushrooms and the creaminess keeps them moist but retains that lovely flavour and texture. This recipe is based on the stroganoff...

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Brunch, Snack

Cider and Cherry Tomato Gratin

I usually find I have some cider leftover from most recipes using cider, and together with some bread and a few tomatoes you can have a tasty lunch. You can substitute the cider with some rich chicken or vegetable stock – an ideal tea for children.

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