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Walnut, apricot and pumpkin seed flapjacks

These quick flapjacks are very moreish. They are perfect for lunch boxes or to take on a picnic.Its also useful for using up fruit, seeds and nuts left in the store cupboard. Try mixing pecan nuts, sunflower seeds or dried cranberries for a change, or make a mixture of several different...

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Honey-dressed seeded greens salad

A lovely crisp and tasty salad which can be served simply with feta or goats cheese.Green vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, folates, fibre, B-group vitamins and minerals.Not only are they a really important part of your diet but they are versatile and a pleasurable sight on the...

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Bread, Breakfast, Brunch

Porridge and Seed Bread

Whenever I make porridge I always seem to have a bowl over! Fortunately it can be heated the next day, or it freezes really well, so it never goes to waste. The other day I experimented with a bowl of cold porridge whilst making my bread. I thought – well, I put milk and grains into a loaf...

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