Walnut, apricot and pumpkin seed flapjacks

These quick flapjacks are very moreish. They are perfect for lunch boxes or to take on a picnic.Its also useful for using up fruit, seeds and nuts left in the store cupboard. Try mixing pecan nuts, sunflower seeds or dried cranberries for a change, or make a mixture of several different...

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Bread, Breakfast


Crumpets….. those delicious small griddle cakes with air bubbles made with milk, water, flour and yeast. We love them oozing with butter, dripping onto the plate. I have lovely memories of toasting our Sunday afternoon crumpet treat over the open fire in the lounge.  Personal choice...

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Pickled baby cucumbers

I love those pickled dill cucumbers you buy in jars. They are great with a salad, in a wrap with salad and hummus, with cold meats, cured fish and most cheeses.  Most supermarkets and farm shops now stock these baby cucumbers. They are tasty as they are or pickled with a little sweetness...

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Newsletter 2020

Newsletter June 2020

June 2020 Well what a start to our spring/summer!  Since the end of March a lot of people have been cooking and experimenting – trying out recipes and meals they would never have made if we hadn’t gone into Lockdown.  I’ve seen wonderful photos of sourdough loaves...

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