Roasted nut and salad leaves pesto

The joy of making your own pesto is that you can use up a lot of storecupboard bits. Basically with some nuts, oil, cheese, herbs and seasoning you can create a tasty pesto for use with many dishes. Peanuts, cashews, walnuts, brazils, almonds – all cheaper than the traditional pine nut...

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Soup, Vegetables

Celery and Roasted Red Pepper Soup

I love a good soup and especially when it uses all your bits lying in the fridge, and ends up tasty and yummy! We all end up with an odd range of ‘leftovers’ from making previous recipes and do not want to end up filling the food waste bin! Do you often wonder why you bought that...

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Brunch, Vegetarian

Buttery garlic mushrooms on French toast

I love mushrooms on toast with buttery juices on a good toasted bread. Sometimes I add cream to the mushrooms and reduce slightly to give a rich sauce. Any mushrooms can be used and my preference is for sliced large portobello mushrooms.  For a change from the usual toast I take some sliced...

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