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We all have cupboards full of ingredients we do want to use and many other items we have bought for that special recipe and haven’t needed again. How many times do we need cardamon seeds or tapioca flour?

Well, I am having a good spring clean and have made a list of the basics I need to cook a variety of dishes. The problem is knowing when to stop! I just tried to keep it to simple basics with which you can turn out a quick and tasty meal in a flash   


Olive Oil
Sunflower or Rapeseed Oil
Sesame oil - perfect for adding flavour to a stir-fry. 
Sea Salt
Ground Black Pepper
Ground Coriander
Ground Ginger
Ground Mixed Spice
Garlic salt
Baked beans - a quick crumble with equal amounts of oats, grated butter and grated cheese. just pop in the oven until golden. Add some dried herbs for extra flavour. 
Balsamic vinegar - try with sliced strawberries and use to top meringue nest and    cream. 
Butter beans or Haricot beans - perfect to turn into a quick mash with olive oil and herbs - serve with sausages or topped with pesto grilled cod 
Chick peas-a quick hummus's always useful
Coconut milk - great to add flavour to a homemade soup or a Thai curry. Use any  leftover milk as part of the liquid to cook rice. 
Chopped tomatoes - multiple uses 
Tomato puree                       
Crushed chillis- a pinch adds that little bit to oomph to many a dish.      
Curry paste - curry mayonnaise, soups, 
Dry pasta in all shapes and sizes                                   
Flour - self-raising and plain
Dried Herbs – rosemary, thyme, tarragon and mixed herbs                          
Mustard- it's got to be Colmans English with me 
Olives - chopped and added to a can of tomatoes with herbs and paprika makes a quick pasta sauce. 
Olive oil                   
Raisins - use to add a fruity flavour to curries 
Runny honey - roasted vegetables
Soy sauce
Stock cubes
Tomato ketchup
White wine vinegar

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