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The ‘not-so-perfect’ but yummy fried egg!

During the “lockdown” days we are experiencing, I have been trying to ring the changes for breakfast to give us a more exciting start to the day. Personally I am not a lover of eggs in any way but my husband loves his scrambled, in a cheese omelette or frittata and mostly as a straightforward fried egg. 

Conscious of too much fat, I don’t like frying an egg in a pan of oil, but it isn’t the same fried in a dry non-stick pan. So I find using a good pat of butter heated in the pan, fry the egg until right for your choice, then pour the excess butter over your toast instead of buttering it. Pop the egg on top and season. The butter gives, according to my husband , a lovely rich flavour and the edges just start to brown which gives a good flavour. Also- no extra fat – the butter that would go on the toast goes on the egg first!

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